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NiMH AA Batteries (2-Pack) / BT-211AR

Product Details

  • 2-Pack Nickel-Metal Hydride High Capacity Rechargeable AA 2000mA Batteries
Replacement Battery For The Following
Uniden 2.4GHz Phone Models

These are premium AA rechargeable batteries. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries have a higher energy capacity and don't contain toxic heavy metals like the Ni-Cd batteries. These AA's have a capacity of 1800mA and under normal conditions should provide well over 500 cycles, maybe 1000. They should last you years of service. They also do not have the "memory effect" problem that Ni-Cd's have, meaning they can be charged anytime without worrying about discharging them fully. So, to repeat, these batteries are:

  1. Environmentally "cleaner" than Ni-Cd's. No toxic Cadmium, Mercury, Lithium or Lead.
  2. Higher capacity. Battery performance (run-time of devices) is up to 100% greater than Ni-Cd's of same size.
  3. No memory effect. Very simple, easier to use and charge.
  4. Rapid charging capability. Can be recharged in as little as 1.5 hours.

The Replacement Battery is a Brand New Unopened Item with full manufacturer's warranty. These are just some of the reasons you can't go wrong when purchasing a Replacement Battery from OnlinePhoneStore.